Understanding the Role of /dev/sda in Linux

When a Windows user encounters a Linux system for the first time, their first thought is: where are the “C:/“, “D:/“, or “E:/” drives?

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How to Setup and Enable WhatsApp Proxy on Linux

When you are cut off from your loved ones for an extended period of time, how do you think you will feel? I mean, it’s bad, right? To solve this problem, WhatsApp made a feature called “WhatsApp proxy,” which lets you talk to your loved ones even if the government blocks or disrupts the connection.

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How to Enable Automatic Dark Mode on All Websites in Google Chrome

You can enable dark mode using the multiple extensions that are freely available in the Chrome Web Store, but why use extensions to bloat the system when Chrome is already providing us the option to enable dark mode on all pages?

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List of Special Parameters in Bash with Examples

In this article, you will learn what the difference is between variables and parameters, what special parameters are, and a list of predefined special parameters in Bash.

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Pinta Installation Instructions for all Major Linux Distributions and Microsoft Windows

Who doesn’t have a memory when it comes to painting? Every painting has a memory, especially if it was created by you at some point in your life. So let’s download the software and make the memory

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A detailed comparison of Debian and Ubuntu

Debian and Ubuntu are two of the most popular Linux distros. They both have similarities and differences that we’ll compare in this article. They are used for different purposes, for different use cases, and by different users. We’ll explore everything and help you learn everything you need to know about Debian vs Ubuntu.

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LinuxCertified Training courses

LinuxCertified is a company that provides training and certification programs for individuals and organizations interested in learning about and using Linux and other open-source software. The company offers a range of training courses, including:

Linux System Administration: This course covers the fundamentals of Linux system administration, including installation, configuration, and maintenance of Linux systems.

Linux Networking: This course covers the basics of networking in Linux, including network configuration, security, and troubleshooting.

Learn how to Customise the Linux terminal to make it look awe!

Whether you’re new to Linux or have been using it for a while, you’ll find some helpful advice for personalising the Bash shell to make it your own.

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Controversy of ‘init’ and ‘systemd’ in Linux

The ‘init’ vs ‘systemd’ is a serious debate topic that divides the Linux user into two groups. While reading this article, many Linux users might be offended or supportive, so do not rant over me. The comment section is all for your constructive opinion.

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Nitrux 2.6.0’s codename is “Forbidden Fruit.” What made them choose this codename?

Except for Satanists, nobody would use a code name like that. Examine the factors that led to the developer settling on this particular codename.

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