How to Manually Install GNOME Extensions From a ZIP File on Any GNOME

Not able to install or use GNOME Shell Integration on your browser? Then don’t dwell too much because you can also manually install extensions from a zip file using the following steps:

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Pano: Next-gen Clipboard Manager for Gnome Shell

Tired of losing content from the clipboard? If yes, then you should use Pano Clipboard Manager.

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How to Create a Desktop Icon for an AppImage Application in Linux

Add a desktop icon for an AppImage based application and launch it from the app menu like any other application .

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How to Install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors on All Major Linux Distrbutions

If you are looking for some alternatives to Microsoft Office that can open and create Microsoft Office documents without any problem, then ONLYOFFICE Desktop is a perfect choice.

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Stig: A TUI and CLI for the BitTorrent Client Transmission

If you’re looking for a terminal-based bittorrent client that should do all your work with the essence of a GUI, then Stig BitTorrent Client is for you.

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How to Automatically Generate Commit Messages for GitHub using aicommits

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed or uninspired to write commit messages for the changes you make in a codebase, but not anymore, thanks to aicommits!

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Major Release of Homebrew after 3.6: What Are the New Changes?

The major release of Homebrew 4.0/4.1 added a number of new features and improvements to the package manager, such as the ability to install new packages by using JSON files downloaded from instead of local Homebrew/core and Homebrew/cask.

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Clonezilla Stable 3.0.3-22 supports multiple LUKS devices, Linux Kernel 6.1.11-1, and more

This release is the successor to Clonezilla Stable 3.0.2-21, which adds many new features and improvements to the software, such as an improved mechanism for supporting multiple LUKS devices, Linux kernel 6.1.11, and so on.

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PipeWire 0.3.66 Released Today!

PipeWire 0.3.66, which includes a number of bug fixes and improvements to the open-source multimedia framework.

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Configure Docker and Docker Containers with DockSTARTer in Linux

This article tends to make it easier for DevOps engineers to manage Docker and Docker containers, but I wouldn’t recommend following it unless you already know how they work.

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