LinuxCertified Inc launched AMD Ryzen powered  High Performance Linux laptop

LinuxCertified Inc, a leading seller of Linux laptops and desktops launched AMD Ryzen powered  LC2464 High Performance workstation laptop - pre-installed with Ubuntu or Fedora Linux. The LC2464 is a portable, yet powerful Linux workstation designed for legendary computational performance with the go-anywhere convenience and versatility of a laptop.

What's your favorite Linux terminal trick

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to evaluate new ways to become more efficient. Many people try out new productivity tools or figure out how to optimize their most mundane processes. One area to assess is the terminal. Especially in the world of open source, there are tons of ways to make life at the terminal more efficient (and fun!) with shortcuts and commands Learn More

How to transfer a file from a remote computer to a local machine on Linux/Ubuntu

To copy a file from another machine, you can use the scp utility. In this short tutorial you will see how to achieve this using simple commands. Learn More

Ubuntu 20.04 – Release Date, New Features & More

Ubuntu 20.04 is the latest long-awaited LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu. This page will be regularly updated with 20.04’s new features, release date, and more information

Some Open Source Android Applications that Available on Google Play!

Smartphone is one of the gadgets that are currently becoming people's needs. Many people use smartphones for other purposes besides communication, for example, for playing games, multimedia purposes, writing and for business. Based on the Netmarketshare website, Android is one of the mobile operating systems that is widely used by people around the world. That is, many people who use smartphones with the Android operating system. Learn More

A beginner’s guide to text editing with Emacs

Learning this lightweight text editing tool can help you navigate faster, inside and outside of the text editor. Learn More

Create virtual machines with Cockpit in Fedora

This article shows you how to install the software you need to use Cockpit to create and manage virtual machines on Fedora 31. Cockpit is an interactive admin interface that lets you access and manage systems from any supported web browser. With virt-manager being deprecated users are encouraged to use Cockpit instead, which is meant to replace it. Learn More

How to Install and Setup WordPress on Linux

WordPress is one of the best content management systems (CMS) available. If you do not wish to go through the complicated process of setting up a website from scratch, WordPress will be your best choice. Learn More

5 Methods to Avoid or Prevent Accidental Shutdown or Reboot on Linux

In most cases there is a JUMP server where the Linux administrator can connect to all other Linux systems without a password.

You may connect to more than one system at a time for troubleshooting purpose.

For some reason you want to restart the system, you can reboot the wrong machine instead of the actual system when you work on multiple machines.

Linux sysadmin basics: Start NIC at boot

If you've ever booted a Red Hat-based system and have no network connectivity, you'll appreciate this quick fix. Read More


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