How to Extract a .7z Compressed File from Terminal in Linux

You have downloaded a 7z compressed file and are trying to find a way to extract it? Read this guide to learn how you can extract a 7z compressed file from the terminal in no time.

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How to Upscale Image Size with Upscayl

Viewing low resolution images on the big screen looks blurry, right? Then it’s time to introduce with Upscayl, which helps you to increase the resolution of the image which is powered by advanced AI models.

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How to Use ZIP and UNZIP Command to Create, Extract ZIP File in Linux

Let’s see how you can use the zip command to create a zip file, add a new file to an existing zip file, list zip file content without extracting it, delete the contents of zip, and encrypt zip with a password for added security.

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5 Best RSS Feed Reader For Linux in 2023

Looking for an RSS feed reader that should aggregate content from your favorite websites, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos, then let me show you the right RSS feed reader for you.

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Simple way to Convert WebP Images to PNG and JPG/JPEG in Linux

Looking for a way to convert a WebP image to PNG or JPG/JPEG, then the dwebp and ffmpeg commands are the best options.

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How to Convert Raw Camera Images (cr3, crw) to jpg in Ubuntu

Having a raw image? Want to know how to convert a cr2, cr3, or crw format image to jpg, then you can use dcraw, rawtherapee, or darktable.

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How to Install KDE Plasma on Linux Mint with Very Simple Steps

Not finding Cinnamon attractive enough? Switch to KDE Plasma

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Sniffnet: Application to Comfortably Monitor your Network Traffic

Sniffnet is a great tool to use if you want to easily keep an eye on network traffic.

It has a simple GUI interface that lets you filter the network based on the application’s protocol and sends you an alert when a set threshold limit is reached.

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How to Install the Latest VirtualBox 7.0 on Ubuntu 22.04

It is very simple to install the latest release of Oracle VirtualBox on your Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish (22.04) by following the instructions below.

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ISG: Lets you use YouTube as Cloud Storage for ANY files, not just Video

Discover how to use YouTube as a free and unlimited file storage platform with one easy script that will allow you to use your YouTube account as a cloud storage service, allowing you to upload and access files of any type and size without any limitations.

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