What is Strip Command and How to Use it?

This article is dedicated to show how you can easily remove the meta data or other unnecessary information from your compiled file using the strip command.

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Controversy of ‘init’ and ‘systemd’ in Linux

The ‘init’ vs ‘systemd’ is a serious debate topic that divides the Linux user into two groups. While reading this article, many Linux users might be offended or supportive, so do not rant over me. The comment section is all for your constructive opinion.

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What is Login Shell in Linux?

How To Disable Directory Listing From the Command Line in Linux

In this article, you will learn how to disable the directory content listing from the command line in Linux.

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Beginners Guide for Vipw and Vigr Commands in Linux

In this article, you will learn how to modify user and group configuration files safely using your favorite text editor.

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How to Backup and Restore Linux Command History

In this article, you will learn how to view, backup, and restore the Linux command history on a Linux system, so stick with it till the end to learn everything.
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Beginners Guide for mv Command in Linux

In UNIX/Linux systems, the mv command shipped with the operating system is usually used for the following purposes:

1. Moving files from source to destination directory.
2. Rename the file or directory name.

If you’re familiar with the cp command, you can use the same techniques to use the mv command.
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BhaiLang: A toy programming language syntaxes use Hindi slang

A new toy programming language that uses Hindi slang instead of typically sophisticated syntax which is written in TypeScript language.

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Install Nim Programming Language on Linux

Nim is an open-source, imperative, statically typed compiled programming language. Nim combines the concepts from mature programming languages such as Python, Ada, and Modula.

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