What is Strip Command and How to Use it?

This article is dedicated to show how you can easily remove the meta data or other unnecessary information from your compiled file using the strip command.

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How UX design can be embraced for privacy

Users see many design patterns online daily. From web designs to different layouts, there is much to discuss. However, there are moments when design patterns do not favor the user. For instance, push notifications might have benign intentions. But users might see them as intrusive and annoying overall. Read more

How to Install Angular Js on Linux

Angular is a popular open-source web application framework developed by Google and maintained by the community. The language required to create an application using Angular Js is javascript/typescript, and other few mandatory languages require in web development.

Both Mobile and Web applications can easily be created using the angular framework. Angular Js command-line utility helps us quickly create, manage, build, and test Angular applications in your system.

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Install Zig Programming Language on Linux

Zig is an open-source, imperative, statically typed, compiled programming language designed by Andrew Kelley in 2016. Zig’s programming language has made some big claims by its designer that Zig utilizes C libraries better than C itself.

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