How to create mobile-friendly documentation

I'm not sold on the whole idea of mobile first, but I do know that more people than ever are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to get information on the go. That includes online software and hardware documentation, much of which is lengthy and poorly suited for small screens. Often, it doesn't scale properly, and it can be difficult to navigate. Read More.

Beginner' guide to SELinux

SELinux or Security Enhanced Linux is advanced access control mechanism which was developed by US security agency NSA to prevent malicious intrusions & tempering. It implements MAC (Mandatory Access control) over already present DAC (Discretionary Access Control ) i.e. read, write , execute permissions. Read More.

50+ Best Lightweight Linux Distros for 2017

You don't have to throw away your old PCs and laptops. Install a lightweight Linux distro on them and they're as good as new. Lightweight distros don't even have to be used on old hardware. You can install them on some bleeding-edge hardware and get the ultimate performance. Most distros are portable and can run on a Live CD/USB, without a hard drive. Why should you use other OSes full of bloatware and unnecessary stuff when you can use a perfectly fine Linux alternative? Read More.

Kali Linux Review: Not Everyone's Cup of Tea

In this review of Kali Linux, we try to answer regular questions like what is Kali Linux, what is the use of Kali Linux and whether beginners should use Kali Linux or not?Read More.

10 useful ncat (nc) Command Examples for Linux Systems

ncat or nc is networking utility with functionality similar to cat command but for network. It is a general purpose CLI tool for reading, writing, redirecting data across a network. It is designed to be a reliable back-end tool that can be used with scripts or other programs. It's also a great tool for network debugging, as it can create any kind of connect one can need.Read More.

LinuxCertified Announces next Device Driver Development Training

LinuxCertified Inc, a leading provider of Linux training and services, announced its next three days Hands On Linux Device Driver Development class to be held in San Francisco Bay Area from December 18th, 2017.

Virtualbox Vs. Container

We have been using virtualization for quite some time now and unless you have been living under a rock, Docker containers have also been in the game for well over 4 years. Before we even begin discussing how they are different and unique from each other, let us get a short explanation of each of them.Read More.

30 Best Linux Games On Steam You Should Play in 2017

When it comes to Gaming, a system running on Windows platform is what anyone would recommend. It still is a superior choice for gamers with better graphics driver support and perfect hardware compatibility. But, what about the thought of gaming on a Linux Read More.

10 must-read DevOps resources

Whether you're building up your DevOps team or just starting your organization's digital transformation, these resources will help guide the way. There are many ways to advance a continuous learning initiative in your organization, such as starting a book club or creating a reading list. Here are ten must-read DevOps resources to start your journey. Read More.

20 Red Hat Satellite Server Interview Questions and Answers

What is Red Hat satellite Server and why it is required ? Ans: Red Hat satellite Server is a system management tool that can be used to configure new...Read More.


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