An ultimate communication device for PDAs?

OSNews is speculating on the creation of a special communication device for PDAs that is able to deliver ethernet, modem, BT and WiFi connectivity via Infrared for all IR-enable PDAs.

Unrobing the superbly suave Olympus m:robe 100

Olympus' new 5 GB portable audio player, the m:robe 100, holds a high-end feature set - and is stylish enough to give the iPod mini some competition.

Samsung YH-925 is big on music, photos

Boasting a 20 GB hard drive, Samsung's new YH-925 takes as easily to viewing photos on its colour display as playing music on the go.

iPod Shuffle Vs SanDisk Player

A Mac user reviews the iPod Shuffle ($149) vs the Sandisk MP3 player ($138, $118 with rebate), both with 1 GB of Flash memory and similar pricing but with different feature-set.

.NET Compact Framework 1.0 (Service Pack 3) SP3 available for download for Pocket PC

Download the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP3 Redistributable and get everything you need to run .NET Compact Framework applications, including the Common Language Runtime and the .NET Compact Framework class library for PocketPCs.

Nokia 9300 Review

Here we have a review of the Nokia 9300 (series 80 device) running the Symbian 7.0S OS.

ACCESS Unveils NetFront 3.3 Browser Engine

NetFront v3.3 browser engine delivers new features that provide a more functional Internet browsing experience on mobile devices. Key elements include enhanced support for Dynamic HTML, intelligent frame handling, pop-up blocking and support for Really Simple Syndication (RSS). Additional key features include Atom Feed support, encryption and saving of Web data with a specified URL, and management of Web data and passwords.

An interview with Jaluna execs Michel Gien and Michel Genard

This interesting interview with two top executives of Jaluna -- a company that has developed a sort of "VMware for embedded systems" that enables Linux to run alongside a real-time-control OS on gadgets like smartphones and set-top boxes -- delves into the French venture-funded startup's history, technology, market perspective, and vision of how Linux will dominate the embedded devices space.

i.Tech's virtual keyboard merges Infrared, Bluetooth

i.Tech's new Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard uses Infrared rays to draw a virtual keyboard on a flat surface - and Bluetooth to carry the input back to devices.

Review of Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000

The new Zaurus SL-C3000 from Sharp is a linux-based PDA incorporating an Intel XScale PXA270 CPU at 416 MHz. It has a 640 by 480 pixel screen and is physically quite similar to the previous Zaurus clamshell models, the main difference being that it has a 4 GB hard drive built in. Read the review here.


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