Suse 9.2 Is For Newbies, Laptops

Novell announced that the Suse Linux Professional 9.2, available in November, targeting home users, new comers to Linux and enthusiasts. Its advanced power management through ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) and suspend-to-disk features also make it easy for laptop users who require the increased mobility this affords.

Three days of RTOS and embedded: ARM developers' conference

ARM Developers' Conference is going to start next week. Three days to get experienced on embedded devices.

Sharp to ship world's first HDD-based PDA

Sharp will next month ship its latest Zaurus PDA into the Japanese market, the consumer electronics company announced this week. The device will be the first PDA to sport a hard drive. The Linux-based SL-C3000 adopts the clamshell casing of Sharp's other Japanese PDAs, with a flip-around display reminiscent of Sony's high-end Cliés. The unit weighs 298g.

Editorial: Different strokes for different handhelds

Mobile Computing Editor Larry Garfield looks at the different design strategies of the leading handheld companies, and muses on what it says about the way they think.

Petite MP3 Player Boots PCs Into Linux

A French company has created a teensy MP3 player that also boots PCs into Linux. The 1.7-inch diameter, half-ounce Medaillon (way smaller than an iPod) has been around for a while, but 128MB and 256MB models of the Z2 version are now supplied with Shinux, an embedded Linux distribution that includes lots of cool open source applications.

Openwave to push i-mode everywhere

Openwave has partnered with NTT DoCoMo to integrate DoCoMo's i-mode service across its product line, pushing the service in Europe and Asia.

Red Hat to embedded: "I'm back"

Red Hat has launched a program to support embedded deployments of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The "Red Hat Runtime" program targets developers looking for a well-supported Linux foundation on which to build commercial embedded systems and devices that are not particularly resource-constrained and which are based on mainstream architectures.

PalmSource keeps Access NetFront for future browser

PalmSource and Access have agreed to use Access NetFront as the core for PalmSource's Web Browser 3.0, to ship with Palm OS Cobalt version 6 devices. The NetFront engine was already the basis of PalmSource's Palm OS 5 "Garnet" web browser.

Psst..hey buddy....wanna buy an OQO?

After almost two years of the "vaporware or real device" debate, the OQO is available for ordering according to Handtops.

Small discs for camcorders get the blue light

A group promoting blue-laser optical discs is developing a smaller version of the technology for devices such as camcorders in an effort to make the format more widely accepted.


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