PDA Makers Won't Commit on PalmOS 6.1

"Nobody knows when we'll start the shift to Cobalt, OS 6, or on which devices. For now, we're saying that we've built the functionality we need into the Treo and the Tungsten T5 and there's no need to confuse developers by switching. I'm not even prepared to commit us to a change next year, or the year after, at this stage", said PalmONE president Ed Colligan.

Nokia Announces 7710 PDA/GPS/Internet Phone

The Register has an interesting article on Nokia's internet ready/GPS/PDA ultra phone. It boasts music playing capabilities and features the Series 90 Software. Its attractiveness, and 'No side-talking' (NGage) capacity alone makes it a handy utensil.

HP Dumps Linux for Windows XP MCE in New Media Player

HP's new z545 Digital Entertainment Center appears to be a Windows-based re-spin of an earlier Linux-based model that HP unveiled three years ago at the Tech X NY trade show in New York, and which was sold for some time as the de100c Digital Entertainment Center.

Palm OS Cobalt 6.1 simulator available

PalmSource has released a simulator for its latest Palm OS Cobalt 6.1 operation system. The simulator allows software developers to test their programs without actually having a handheld running the new OS.

LinuxCertified LC2430 Laptop Review

OSNews posted a comprehensive review of the made-for-Linux LinuxCertified LC2430 laptop. They found that all its components are fully compatible with Linux, except with ACPI in recent kernels (which actually affects most laptops recently). The laptop is a desktop replacement with strong performance and some good extra features: Firewire port, 3-1 card reader, combo drive, SXGA+ TFT screen and an ATi Radeon 3D card. Four Linux distributions were tested with it.

Chinese company readies portable Linux AV player

Zupera Technology has used a 2.6-series embedded Linux kernel to build a handheld audio/visual player set for volume production in January. The 30GB "Zupera" will be available with a 5.7- or 7-inch LCD touchscreen display, along with software for playback of a variety of multimedia files.

Nokia says cellphone future is "smart"

Nokia unveiled several new products, including a Web-browsing, image-oriented wide-screen handset, at its mobility conference in Monaco, where the emphasis has been on smartphones and supporting technology. "Smartphones are now at the heart of the industry," says Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia multimedia executive VP. "Smartphones are reaching the mainstream and drawing on cross-industry technologies to spur further innovation."

Comparison of Arch Linux & Slackware

The so-called 'lean and mean' distros in the Linux land, Arch Linux and Slackware are being compared in this article. Their installation, configuration, usage, package management, stability, speed, support and future vision are among the qualities discussed.

IBM Smart Card OS On A 1MB Smart Card

IBM has ported/developed their Javacard smart card operating system for Sharp's 1MB smart card.

Sharp comments on its US Linux PDA plans

In response to recent reports that it has discontinued selling Linux-based PDAs in the US, Sharp issued a brief statement to LinuxDevices.com today, commenting on its intentions relative to offering and supporting Linux PDAs in the US market.


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