PC Chips' X-Eye Laptop Webcam on Linux

OSNews posted a review of a laptop webcam and details how to get it going with Linux.

Motorola using Microsoft ActiveSync protocol for Linux smartphone

Motorola, Inc. has announced interoperability between its MotoSync technology-enabled mobile phones and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. The agreement with Microsoft to license the Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol enables Motorola mobile phones to give enterprise customers direct seamless access to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Elsewhere, check a review of Motorola V505.

Axia A108 shrinks Windows CE .NET

Axia's A108 communicator offers vanilla Windows CE .NET, a 1.3 megapixel video-capable camera, and one of the smallest form factor yet for Microsoft's mobile operating system.

Editorial: Treo 650 memory explained; Review

Larry Garfield explains the issues involved in the Treo 650's new memory design, including the good, the bad, and what palmOne is planning to do about it. Elsewhere, you can read a review of the same device.

AvantGo 2005 beta

The latest beta of AvantGo 2005 adds support for hi-res displays on Palm OS and even allows the users of wireless devices to take advantage of online browsing in addition to the traditional offline viewing capabilities.

TextMaker for Linux based Sharp Zaurus

TextMaker, the premier word processor from German software manufacturer SoftMaker, has been ported to a new platform: TextMaker for Zaurus is the latest release from SoftMaker, after versions of TextMaker for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Windows CE.NET.

Review: Sony Ericsson K500i

Not as classy or powerful as some of its siblings, yet still a solid mobile phone: Sindre Lia reviews the Sony Ericsson K500i, finding little to complain about.

Opera readies browser for any screen size

Opera Software is beta testing a version of its desktop browser featuring a new rendering technology said to eliminate horizontal scrolling, regardless of screen size. Extensible Rendering Architecture (ERA) technology, expected to appear in Opera 7.60, incorporates small-, medium-, and TV-screen rendering technologies into a single dynamic framework.

A comparison of Linux alternatives for hard real-time

This study compares the real-time capabilities of various Linux kernels. It was part of a project to upgrade the control software in water-wave generators at research institutions around the world. The results of the study were used by Akamina for the selection of a new RTOS for the control system upgrade of Canada's largest hydraulics and coastal engineering laboratory, the National Research Council Canadian Hydraulics Centre in Ottawa.

Bluetooth stack supports embedded Linux

Cambridge Consultants has released a portable, hardware-independent Bluetooth software package aimed at embedded devices. The profiles and protocol stack -- Interface Express and BlueStack -- have been ported to multiple processor architectures including ARM and MIPS, and run on a range of embedded operating systems including Linux.


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