Preview: LG F9100

Unassuming at first glance, LG's new F9100 handset conceals a novel side-sliding thumboard: Michael Oryl gets hands-on at the CES showfloor in Las Vegas.c

PalmSource Buys China MobileSoft

The company behind Palm OS is buying China MobileSoft to get a foothold in the Chinese mobile phone market and develop a broader range of software. But it must recognize that its future lies in Linux, according to Gartner

What happened to Novell's embedded Linux ambitions?

Dave Kearns reports that Novell's embedded Linux program may not be taking off soon.

Editorial: The Penguin, The Palm, and the PDA

The potential synergy between the GNU/Linux OS and the Palm platform is huge, but so are the potential pitfalls. Larry Garfield looks at both the pros and cons of the Next Next Palm OS.

PalmSource announces Linux support

The following text was forwarded to us by Bruce Perens as "An open letter from PalmSource to the Linux community." It is reproduced here verbatim aside from minor HTML formatting changes.

Preview: Motorola MPx

Jørgen Sundgot sneaks a peek of the final version of Motorola's new, Windows Mobile-based MPx communicator - purportedly to hit shelves in early 2005.

OCR Camera, music, and phone in Pantec PH-K1500

Convergence takes another step forward with Pantec's latest CDMA phone. Not just a camera phone, it's a phone, MP3 player, and 2.1 MP camera with optical character recognition.

Review: The LC2100 LinuxCertified Laptop offers a solution for the users who require ultimate mobility: the LC2100 laptop loaded with the Linux of your choice. For more info and screenshots/images, read here.

New kid on embedded Linux block -- Gentoo

A project to create embedded versions of Gentoo Linux has achieved preliminary releases on x86, MIPS, PPC, and ARM. The releases include native core system binaries, cross-platform toolchains, and, for x86, an optional hardened toolchain. The year-old project needs developers to help add cross-compile awareness to source packages.

Embedded Linux advantages -- and challenges -- in a retail POS system

This whitepaper from a senior developer with Squirrel Systems discusses how Squirrel used Linux in its highly successful POS (point-of-sales/service) system. It focuses on the advantages and challenges of choosing embedded Linux, and may be of interest to other companies considering embedded Linux.


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