Motorola readies tri-band Linux/Java phone

Motorola is set to ship another Linux/Java phone in Q4 2005. The E895 is a tri-band GSM cameraphone with a 1.3 megapixel camera, large LCD display, Bluetooth, and rich Internet, multimedia, video, and web capabilities, Motorola says. The company is demonstrating it at JavaOne this week.

VideoLAN 0.8.2 Official Release for PocketPC

The release of multimedia player VLC 0.8.2 brings the first release for Pocket PCs (according to the changelog). Nightly builds are the only downloadable version still though.

Nagel Says "Windows Mobile Will Never Dominate"

"Microsoft will never dominate handheld computers because they will not develop like PCs, with different vendors cloning a standard hardware architecture running one operating system, according to the head of Palm's software arm Palmsource." More here.

NetFront 3.2-English Released

ACCESS's NetFront is a popular mobile browser for PDAs and phones. The English release of version 3.2 is now out, including support for WM2003SE, integrated Flash, Rapid Render technology that gradually renders the page, a new Java VM for applets, and some other features, but it still comes with no VGA support.

LOOX 720 will be upgradeable to WM 5.0

Fujitsu Siemens joined Dell and HP in an announcement that they will be providing Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrades for the Pocket LOOX 718 and 720 this fall.

Nokia 3230 Review - Ready for Business

The Nokia 3230 is one of the latest additions to Nokia's ever-growing family of Series 60 phones. It was designed to appear business-like, yet have that certain hip and cool factor necessary to appeal to the younger crowd. It is also priced at a level more obtainable than most Series 60 handsets. It is a triband (900/1800/1900Mhz) phone with support for EDGE networks, and features Bluetooth, infrared, and a 1.2 megapixel camera.

Dell Releases Axim X30 ROM Update

Dell has posted a ROM update for their Axim X30 A06 line of handhelds on its web site. The ROM update has the following fixes.

Intel 3D Graphics and Video Demonstration on the x50v

Chris De Herrera has posted pictures and videos showing the impressive graphical capabilities of the Dell Axim X50v (thought by many as the most powerful PDA to date) running the upgrade to Windows Mobile 5.0 (Dell will sell the upgrade in the next few months). The impressive part here is that the x50v was never meant to be a 3D games device, but the addition of a better DirectX infrastructure in the recent Windows Mobile releases and the 16 MBs 3D card from Intel accompanying the 624 Mhz XScale CPU can make this a reality.

ASUS P505 - The Next Big Thing For PPC Lovers

Ever since we saw this device the first time in real (at the CeBIT 2005 in Germany) we fell in love with that MDA compact challenger. One of the great benefits of the P505 is: it has a keypad. See our fotostory and learn more about this hot Pocket PC.

Commodore to door

'˜Unexpected' was definitely the word for what took place just minutes ago. Like a phoenix from the flames, computing legend Commodore summarily resurrected itself while also sticking its legendary oar into the portable media player arena in the comely form of the PMC30.


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