RCA Lyra RD2780: Multimedia Jukebox

Many rumors lately about a potential video iPod that's around the corner... However, what about the existing mobile A/V solutions? OSNews took a spin of the RCA Lyra RD2780, the audio/video recorder/playback jukebox that's currently selling for only $219 via Geeks.com.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Allows a Single Application to Run on Both Pocket PCs and Smartphones

Although the two versions of Windows Mobile have a great deal in common, currently developers have to modify their Pocket PC applications to run on the Smartphone version, and vice versa. However...

Motorola Introduces the A728 Linux Powered Smartphone

The Motorola A728 is one of three new Linux-based handsets introduced by Motorola yesterday, and one of two providing smartphone capabilities.

Kaspersky debuts Linux antivirus in the U.S.

Kaspersky Lab is expanding further into the American market with the U.S. debut of its antivirus software for Linux and Unix e-mail servers, file servers and workstations.

Device Profile: Gamepark GPX2-F100

Korean handheld vendor Gamepark has announced a new portable media player and gaming device based on embedded Linux. The GPX2-F100 features dual ARM9 processors, USB 2.0, a 3.5-inch color LCD, media playback software, and support for both native and emulated games.

Palm: What PDA problem?

To end confusion over the Palm brand, PalmOne is spending $30 million to acquire the Palm name--a brand that the company says has tremendous equity around the world.

Mozilla Minimo 007 browser for Pocket PC released

Users fowllowing the development of alternative web browsers for the Windows Mobile platform should be aware of the development stages of Minimo, a Mozilla based broswser for Pocket PC devices. The development team says the current code is 75% the size of a previous release with no feature loss.

Tapwave Out of Business

Tapwave, the third most popular Palmsource licensee behind Palm (and Sony in the past) and makers of the Zodiac PDA/gaming device, has gone out of business.

Motorola announces new Linux based smartphones

Motorola is introducing three new Linux-based devices: the Motorola A910, A728 and A732. These new handsets are designed to deliver a seamless mobile office experience for professional users.

Smartphones Up, Handhelds Down Globally in Q2 2005

The global market for smart mobile devices continued its rise in Q2 2005 according to estimates released by research firm Canalys. Nokia once again saw its smart phone shipments increase at more than twice the average market rate. Palm still leads the handheld segment, with 31% market share, but its handheld shipments declined 32% year on year, resulting in a 1% unit decline overall. Handheld shipments fell in most regions, with North America down by 36%, while Latin America and Asia Pacific fell 12% and 21% respectively.


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