How to Fix Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Frozen, Black, or Unresponsive Screen

I was hoping to see a fresh Ubuntu screen, but it was a complete frozen, blank, or black screen.
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Warp: A Modern Terminal With AI Features on Linux (Install + Use)

Warp is a modern terminal with AI integration and a few additional features that directly set it apart from traditional terminals read more.

Tbmk: A Tool to Bookmark Frequently Used Commands in Linux

Tbmk, also known as Terminal Bookmarker, is the best tool to reuse commonly used commands by bookmarking them in Linux read more.

Nload: Monitor Linux Network Traffic and Bandwidth Usage

Monitor the graph of inbound and outbound network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time with the Nload command-line utility in Linux click here to read more.

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu

This tutorial will show you how to install Docker on Ubuntu with step-by-step instructions. Read more

cp command – How to Copy Files and Directories in Linux

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to use the cp command on Linux.
The cp command is one of the basic commands you should know how to use when starting to use Linux.Read more

ThisIsNotRat: Control Your System Using Telegram

Take control of your system with the TelegramBot.

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Resources is a GUI-Based System Monitoring Tool for Linux

Discover Resources, a GUI-based Linux system monitoring tool, and the process to install it on your favorite Linux distribution with usage instructions. Read more

Python 3.12 Installation on Linux With Hands-On Examples

This guide shows easy and multiple ways to install the latest version of Python and Pip package manager with practical examples. Read more

When to Use apt clean, apt autoclean, and apt autoremove

Do you feel it’s quite confusing and not getting when to use apt clean, apt autoclean, and apt autoremove? then let’s come and clear it up.

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