How to get into DevOps

I've observed a sharp uptick of developers and systems administrators interested in "getting into DevOps" within the past year or so. This pattern makes sense: In an age in which a single developer can spin up a globally distributed infrastructure for an application with a few dollars and a few API calls, the gap between development and systems administration is closer than ever. Although I've seen plenty of blog posts and articles about cool DevOps tools and thoughts to think about, I've seen fewer content on pointers and suggestions for people looking to get into this work.

My goal with this article is to draw what that path looks like. My thoughts are based upon several interviews, chats, late-night discussions on, and random conversations, likely over beer and delicious food. I'm also interested in hearing feedback from those who have made the jump; if you have, please reach out through my blog, Twitter, or in the comments below. I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories.Read More.