Microsoft partners with cell phone foe Symbian

Symbian, a maker of operating systems for cell phones, has licensed software from rival Microsoft, in a sign of growing cooperation between the two companies.

Linux on a roll in mobile phones

It's only been about two years since Linux started becoming a significant factor in mobile phones, an arena that has been dominated by Symbian, Microsoft, and proprietary operating systems. With the burgeoning complexity of mobile phones, feature phones, and smart phones -- plus increasing time-to-market pressures -- there's a clear movement toward off-the-shelf, third-party operating systems based on industry standards, and Linux figures to be a major beneficiary of that trend.

Sharp launches new Zaurus Linux PDA

Sharp has introduced a new model in its Zaurus line of Linux PDAs. The SL-C1000 is similar to the SL-C3000, but without an internal harddrive. As with previous Japan-only Zaurus models, the SL-C1000 will be available with internationalization features from a number of global resellers.

Intel shows new mobile media, business concepts

An ultra-portable entertainment tablet and a wireless-to-the-max laptop mark Intel's vision of tomorrow's mobile lifestyle.

Who Needs A Killer Device...?

We don't need a killer application or a killer device. If anything, we need a company to take something we do, that we might even take for granted, and create a device that makes it easier not to take it for granted. Pick a function and market the function instead of the device.

Make your Arch Linux a Bluetooth Access Point

Here is a quick guide on how to create a Bluetooth Access Point with Arch Linux. You will need two Bluetooth-enabled devices to start with, and some patience.

Mac OS X: Trouble with Sharing Net Connection to Bluetooth Clients

Most recent PalmOne/Clie devices and some PocketPC ones come with Bluetooth instead of WiFi. Imagine yourself in a WiFi-enabled hotel room with your dual wireless *book on your lap and a BT-enabled PDA/smartphone device. How do you route internet on these devices via your Mac?

Mini-Mozilla marches toward Windows mobiles

Minimo, the Mozilla browser for mobile devices, is poised to move beyond Linux PDAs and onto Windows CE devices, according to the Mozilla Foundation. Screenshot here (mobile version of OSNews is showing).

Sony to end Clie line of PDAs in Japan Too

Sony Corp. is calling an end to its Clié line of PDAs (personal digital assistants) in Japan, the company said Tuesday. The move comes eight months after the company said it would no longer sell new models of PDAs overseas and puts the cap on a product line first announced by the Tokyo company in mid-2000. Elsewhere, here's a review of the Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox 420.

Preview: Motorola A1010

Jørgen Sundgot takes the briefest of glances at Motorola's upcoming A1010 communicator, rumoured to be the first UIQ-based device to support Wi-Fi.


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