Palm Releases the Tungsten E2

PalmOne released the Tungsten E2 which offers Bluetooth and a bigger battery. It has a 320x320 display with 30% brighter and 40% better color saturation, 32 MB of NVFS memory (26 MB available to the user). NVFS memory holds information without a charge or power. It runs at 200 Mhz, it has a headphone jack but lacks a microphone. It runs PalmOS 5.4.7. Reviews here, here and here.

Microsoft goes after Blackberry with Magneto

"Microsoft aims to kill BlackBerry," an insider told CRN. "Every corporate type has a BlackBerry, and they all have Outlook. What is the cost going to be to RIM Server when Exchange Service Pack and Magneto come out and they're not priced? Microsoft is giving it away for free." Read the article at TheRegister.

Linux and WiFi on the Great North Eastern Railway

This is a quick HOWTO for those using Linux to access the Internet from a Great North Eastern Railway train in UK. There is a bit of an assumption in this HOWTO that you have a functioning WiFi setup on your Linux Laptop.

Get a powerful Axim PDA and free accessories for $179 has another great deal (note: we are not affiliated with in any way): this time they sell the Dell Axim X5-Advanced model for $179, and the deal includes as extras a Belkin case, foldable keyboard and a sync/charge cable/car-charger. The X5 has 64 MB RAM, 400 Mhz XScale CPU and 48 MB ROM, SD/CF slots. It runs Windows Mobile 2002, but there is a neat hack to upgrade it to Windows 2003 manually.

Mobile Benchmark Data Reveals Widespread Use of Mobile Media

According to this recent study, in total, 13 percent of mobile subscribers in USA reported accessing news and information via a mobile browser in February 2005.

Poll: Most passengers don't want cell phones used on flights

According to the survey, 63 percent of participants wanted to keep cell phone restrictions in place, while 21 percent favored cell phone use during flights.

Wind River's Linux transformation

In the past two years, Wind River Systems got over its scorn for Linux. Now it's up to Ken Klein, chief executive for 15 months, to do more than embrace the open-source operating system: He's got to find a way to profit from it.

First VoIP-only Phone: Samsung WIP-6050M

Jørgen Sundgot snuggles up to Samsung's WIP-6050M, a wireless phone that relies on blazing Wi-Fi 802.11g rather than GSM or CDMA for a line out.

New Design House Targets Mobile Devices Only

It seems that the era of the mobile Web is here if we are to judge by the announcement of the first US web design house,, which only accepts jobs for developing mobile web sites! Their portfolio & demos show some nice screenshots of a number of mobile browsers being supported by the company and this begs the question: how does YOUR web site look like on a phone or a PDA? And if you do have a mobile site, is the user get redirected automatically to it?

Get a PDA for 25 bucks!

Manage your schedule, contacts and to-do lists, in addition to reading e-mail with this Royal Linea16 Handheld PDA: It features 16 MB memory, a touchscreen LCD screen with 160x200 resolution, it's compatible with Microsoft Outlook, has handwriting recognition, and a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. With a built-in 56K modem, the Linea16 lets you send or receive emails at home or on the road (use rss2email to get news from the web on your PDA as the device can only use its included modem for POP3 email). currently sell it for less than 25 US dollars!

There is also an optional keyboard for it as you can see from this high-res picture of the PDA (couldn't find where to buy it though).


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