Chinese company readies portable Linux AV player

Zupera Technology has used a 2.6-series embedded Linux kernel to build a handheld audio/visual player set for volume production in January. The 30GB "Zupera" will be available with a 5.7- or 7-inch LCD touchscreen display, along with software for playback of a variety of multimedia files.

Nokia says cellphone future is "smart"

Nokia unveiled several new products, including a Web-browsing, image-oriented wide-screen handset, at its mobility conference in Monaco, where the emphasis has been on smartphones and supporting technology. "Smartphones are now at the heart of the industry," says Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia multimedia executive VP. "Smartphones are reaching the mainstream and drawing on cross-industry technologies to spur further innovation."

Comparison of Arch Linux & Slackware

The so-called 'lean and mean' distros in the Linux land, Arch Linux and Slackware are being compared in this article. Their installation, configuration, usage, package management, stability, speed, support and future vision are among the qualities discussed.

IBM Smart Card OS On A 1MB Smart Card

IBM has ported/developed their Javacard smart card operating system for Sharp's 1MB smart card.

Sharp comments on its US Linux PDA plans

In response to recent reports that it has discontinued selling Linux-based PDAs in the US, Sharp issued a brief statement to today, commenting on its intentions relative to offering and supporting Linux PDAs in the US market.

Cross-compile tool helps Debian ARM Linux catch up with x86

Scratchbox, an open source project to simplify cross-platform software compilation, has recently made several advances that may interest embedded device developers. This whitepaper describes how Scratchbox -- which was originated by Movial and is being sponsored by Nokia -- is helping Debian ARM strive for parity with Debian x86.

PalmSource takes hit on investment report

Shares of PalmSource, the handheld operating system developer, dipped Monday on an investment bank's report that said key licensee PalmOne will use Microsoft's OS in its Treo line of devices.

Preview: RIM BlackBerry 7100t

RIM is branching off into new types of devices with the more phone-like BlackBerry 7100t: Larry Garfield takes a sneak peak at RIM's new style.

Palm-based Smart Phones vs. The Others

Recent news has covered the release of many new smart phones. We have the new Treo650, the new Sony P910, the new Audiovox PPC 6000, the new Blackberry 7100, and the new Nokia 6670. Recently, I've been speaking via email almost daily with my AT&T (now Cingular) rep. For some reason, the conversation always steers towards his wanting to push the latest from Nokia, Blackberry, etc.

Smallest in-car navigation system runs embedded Linux

The TomTom Go is a Linux-based in-car GPS navigation system available with or without preloaded maps. The device mounts to the dashboard or windshield, providing a 3D view of the road ahead, as well as text-based and spoken driving directions.


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