More Windows Mobile 2005 Details Emerge

Although Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition brought some important improvements to the Pocket PC platform, Microsoft has not yet made the myriad of other changes to the operating system people have been hoping for. However, it is beginning to seem that the next version of this operating system, code-named Magneto, will bring some significant improvements.

Media Center concepts for the future

One & Co conjures Media Center concepts for a future where Home Theater PCs make for fashionable additions to the living room - as opposed to current less-than-stylish models.

Samsung pitches SGH-e217, SGH-x427m for Cingular

Samsung's latest offerings offer the standard feature set for modern phones on Cingular's network. Camera, color display, MMS, all where you'd expect it.

Motorola recalls some v710 handsets

Motorola is issuing a recall of many v710 handsets due to manufacturing problems with the camera. In some units the camera is not properly aligned, resulting in problems with pictures.

Will Your Next Car Run Windows?

It's no joke. The world's largest software company is revving up to position itself as the largest supplier of software to car manufacturers, with a custom version of Windows CE controlling everything from in-vehicle entertainment to satellite navigation.

MontaVista Supports New Intel Network Processors

MontaVista Linux Supports New Intel Network Processors. Provides Sophisticated and Cost Effective Solutions for Telecommunications and Embedded Networking Applications.

Additional Treo 650 Pictures Posted

More pictures of the rumored palmOne Treo 650 have been posted. The new pictures show more angles of the upcoming smartphone and confirm additional details.

Motorola A768i Review

Guest contributor Michael Puhala gives us his take on Motorola's A768i, one of their Linux-based smartphones that employs a PDA style form factor. It may not have much in the way of photo taking abilities, but the A768i might be the thing for business users.

Apple Unveils Fastest, Most Affordable iBook G4 Ever

Apple today announced that it has unveiled its fastest, most affordable iBook G4 ever, featuring built-in AirPort Extreme 54 Mbps 802.11g wireless networking across the line and prices starting at US$999. They also announced the addition of a 1.8GHz single processor Power Mac G5 desktop priced at US$1,499 to its 64-bit Power Mac G5 line. Apple updated its Xserve RAID storage system too.

HP iPAQ hx4700 Review

Sliding in at the very top of the Pocket PC high-end range, HP's new iPAQ hx4700 boasts a glorious 4" screen and WM2K3 Second Edition: Jørgen Sundgot gets up close and personal.


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