Review: HP iPaq rx3115 Mobile Media Companion

OSNews reviews the low-end HP media PDA, rx3115.

Review - Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

It's the autumn release season, and new devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 have begun to hit the market. BargainPDA brings you a hands-on, in-depth look at the next-generation OS.

Acer unveils n310, n311 Windows Mobile 5.0 handhelds

The n300 series of Pocket PCs from Acer are among the first to run Windows Mobile 5.0, sporting VGA resolution displays, SDIO capable expansion slots, Bluetooth 1.2 and more. In the meantime, the Mitac Mio phone with GPS was officially announced today.

The Birth of the Pilot

Palm OS was born at a small subsidiary of Tandy, then the largest personal computer manufacturer, that produced innovative notebook computer in the late eighties. One of the company's vice presidents, brain researcher turned computer scientist named Jeff Hawkins, convinced the parent company to allow him to develop a tablet computer aimed towards data intensive workers like parking maids or realtors.

Tugsten X Specifications Rumored

A reliable source has provided PalmInfocenter with some new details on Palm's upcoming fall handheld releases.

Nokia challenges BlackBerry

Nokia has announced the availability of a new push e-mail solution. The Nokia Business Center software can work on any Java MIDP 2.0-capable phone that has been certified by Nokia, including the Nokia 9300 smartphone, 9500 Communicator, 6630, 6680, 6681, and 6682.

Star Trek Episode Guide 1.0

Episode descriptions and cast biographies of one of the most popular sci-fi series ever are here. For PalmOS, freeware.

Access NetFront 3.3 browser released in early Technical Preview version

You can download it for free and use until November 15, 2005. Apart from many other improvements this version 3.3 supports fully VGA displays (640x480 pixels).

Review: Sony Ericsson K700i

A review of one of the best feature-phones of 2004, the K700i. Elsewhere, infoSync reviews the Sony Ericsson K608i.

PalmSource sale won't kill Palm OS

The sale of PalmSource may consummate the marriage of Linux and the Palm OS, but it won't kill off the operating system that helped create the PDA market.


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