Palm-based Smart Phones vs. The Others

Recent news has covered the release of many new smart phones. We have the new Treo650, the new Sony P910, the new Audiovox PPC 6000, the new Blackberry 7100, and the new Nokia 6670. Recently, I've been speaking via email almost daily with my AT&T (now Cingular) rep. For some reason, the conversation always steers towards his wanting to push the latest from Nokia, Blackberry, etc.

Smallest in-car navigation system runs embedded Linux

The TomTom Go is a Linux-based in-car GPS navigation system available with or without preloaded maps. The device mounts to the dashboard or windshield, providing a 3D view of the road ahead, as well as text-based and spoken driving directions.

Looking for an ''in wall'' Tablet PC?

One of the more interesting aspects of mobile computing to me is how computing stays with you in your home and how that can be incorporated into home automation. While searching for products, pocketpctools came across a 12" Inwall Touchpanel computer built by Nobu and offered by Smarthome.

PDA Freedom with OpenZaurus

Despite Sharp's cancellation of its Zaurus SL-6000 PDA in the US, the Sharp Zaurus continues to have a strong following among Linux gurus in the US and all over the world. No one proves this point better than the people behind the OpenZaurus project. The OpenZaurus Project provides an alternative to the original Sharp Zaurus ROM for different models of the Sharp Zaurus Personal Mobile Tool.

New Linux PDA features camera, cell-phone add-ons

Empower plans to ship a $200 Linux-based PDA with a color display by December. The PowerPlay 1x is based on a dual-core RISC/DSP Texas Instruments OMAP5910 processor, along with the company's LEOs (LinuxDA Embedded Operating System) software platform. Empower has previously sold sub-$100 PowerPlay PDAs based.

Report finds handheld device market in continued decline

The worldwide market for handheld devices saw its third successive quarter of year-over-year decline in the third quarter of 2004, according to a new report released by IDC. Specifically, handheld device shipments decreased 4.6 percent sequentially and 8.7 percent year over year in the third quarter to 2.1 million units.

Smartphones more popular by the minute

Sales of smartphones continue to rocket in the third quarter as the worlwide market for handheld falls - though growth continues outside the U.S., according to Canalys.

Sony's location-free TV makes local shows portable

Sony Electronics says it's building a better boob tube, adding picture zoom and mobility through wireless capability in hopes of jump-starting the television market.

Apple music event roundup

Below are the highlights from Apple's special music event with U2, which took place today at the California Theater in San Jose, CA.

Sharp Denies It's Leaving the U.S. Handheld Market

Last week, it was widely reported that Sharp is pulling out of the U.S. handheld market. However, the company has since told a Japanese web site that there's no truth to this. Sharp told IT Media News that the earlier report was incorrect. It hasn't decided to stop selling the SL-6000L in the U.S. and will decide on case-by-case basis whether to offer future Zaurus models in this country. Regardless, it doesn't look good.


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